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People need a proper health awareness (Specially about Ayurveda) only then it will be possible for us to generate a good supply of our Ayurveda Products. The Clinic and Education Center in our agenda will be an appropriate way to go for this for future.

On other hand, Ayurveda-Today Program will go for Ayurveda Cultives in Chile as well as in India. Until we will develop this in Chile, all the Ayurveda Inventory products will be managed from India.

So we will have to maintain a ware house at Chile. This ware house will be handled by trained authorities working there and we will ship the medicines of Ayurveda in bulk to Chile. Shipping is too costly for small packages so it will be cost effective for us to ship the herbs and other products in bulk to this place. This ware house will be used as a central supply unit for whole Latin America including Brazil and all other places.

For a good supplier and wholesaler, we are inviting for a dealer in Chile, for investing in herbs and ware house.