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Ayurvedic Stations

Ayurvedic Station: is a Center or Office for coordination of Ayurveda treatments distributed in a community. A Station has cultives of medicinal plants, facilities for treatments (box for therapeutic consultation, ayurvedic massage, steam, doshic meals and ekadasi fasts, reading room and meditation retreats), and services for visits  during seasonal celebrations: talks from invited gurus and  vidyas, Indian music and dance, yoga-shopping, local crafts, vegetarian food and lodging (camping, cabins, lodge).  

Ayurveda-Today Program will go for Ayurveda and Native Cultives in Chile.

Medicinal plants that grow and are harvested in inhospitable places such as deserts and mountains, are rich in medicinal components effective, because these plants are forced to build up forces of life to survive, and that makes them valuable for Ayurveda. With this reasoning, the Stations search natral conditions for local cultives, whit he following advantages:

  1. Provides an impetus to the Indoamérica Movement with indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants of this environment.
  2. Generates local interest in learning and applying the Ayurveda through retreats and services offered by the community.
  3. Create a different pole of attraction in communities, based on the Vedic and Originary wisdom (Indo-America).

The experience in Ayurveda-Today Program will be managed as a franchise in Ayurvedic Stations associated with Indoamerica NGO Corporation, with training, advice and supervision according to strict standards and manuals of their corporate governance.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Stations of Ayurveda-Today Program:

  • All type of consultancy required for the Ayurvedic Station are available in the community.
  • Have better sources for raw material and medicines
  • Have a Technical Training Center for all the specialties required by the Station Ayurvedic and continuous training of staff
  • Herbal cosmetics and food supplements
  • The products of the Ayurveda-Today Program may be distributed or stored in small quantities.