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Ayurveda-Today Program

This network shows a joint activity with professionals in India and all over the world, which starts by Latin America as a new stage that will lay the foundation for achieving an organizational integration of Ayurveda in Health Society of Chile, which will promote the participation, contributions and support of all members of Ayurveda-Today network.  


1.  Maintaining a high level of effectiveness, authenticity and goodness in the training an formation of professionals in the service of Ayurveda through the exercise of treatments, use of quality materials, gurukula and practical experience of life under the tutelage of Sri Dhanvantari.

2.  To educate general masses to maintain their health by foods and lifestyle: Lifestyle and dietary disorders are spreading by leaps and bounds. So this program will contribute to the wellness of the masses.

3.  To bring all Ayurveda related professionals under one roof and to develop scientific protocol for Ayurveda.

4.  To give Ayurveda a scientific approach overall. Evidence based program and cumulative research programs for Ayurveda in light of modern day sciences.

5.  To provide the best quality of information to the masses, for betterment of their life.


1.  To reach the largest network of Ayurvedic professional, educational and clinical for servicing of humanity.

2.  Standardization of Ayurvedic measures to give best of Ayurveda to the masses.

3.  To provide authentic and practical Ayurveda by conducting proper research and education programs.

4.  To aware masses for health through seminars, health talks shows and awareness campaigns.