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Courses for Health Professionals

These courses can be taken independently and each one includes a tutorial and on-line conferences. Students participate in on-line discussions, and toward the end of the course, the course includes lectures and personal interviews with Visiting Professor at Santiago, with delivery of Certificates.

Diplomates: These courses can be grouped in with other agendas in accordance with the faculty and the interests of the professional, to lead to diplomas.

Postgrade: A Study of Graduate Studies for all courses listed below, including an Internship in India at the institution agreed with Professor and a Thesis defended before representatives of the Ayurveda Medical Association of Chile, Amayurch.

001 Ayurvedutpatti Evam Darshana
An Ayurveda syntax
002 Basic of Anatomy in Ayurveda
Ayurvedic anatomy is discussed in detail
003 Physiology by Ayurveda
After knowing the built of a machine, how this machine works.
004 Ayurvedic Pharmacology
How to choose a better remedy according to disturbance in Dosha
005 Ayurvedic Pathology
Concepts and principles to understand disease origin & evolution
006 Diagnostic tools in Ayurveda
Signs, syntoms & diagnostic systems
007 Treatments by Ayurveda
How to bring back normal Anatomy and Physiology
008 Panchakarma therapy of Ayurveda
The real and true picture of Panchakarma
009 Techniques of massage
Scientific values about the massage
010 Jatisootriya: Planning for the best progeny
Care to take before coitus until the baby is developing, to have healthy children and a happy family.


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