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About the on-line Ayurveda Study

Ayurveda is an ancient science and sometimes when we are explaining the “old” concepts to today generation it becomes hard for the students to palate the things.

For this we have planned to discuss a particular topic, after the delivery of the topic to the student and when student has completed its study. So that questions coming in the brain of a student shouldn’t be left as it is. Because during on-line studies it is a general problem that after study, materials has been delivered they are ignored. So we will deliver lectures one by one and after each lecture matter will be discussed.

This is the same way to study Ayurveda as Charaka also states, that when one wants to learn any text there are three simultaneous way these are- to study, to teach and to discuss the topic with persons having same knowledge.

We are teaching you and latter on we will offer you a chance to edify others when your courses will be complete. Discussion forum is a place for open discussion for all of us. Once you are registered with us for courses you will be able to discuss anything in the forum. Beside this you can put your queries to experts any time. Those will be solved.

We will give full time, once you are registered with us means you are associated with us for whole life.

After the courses we will help you in setting up your own Consult and spas any where on the globe.

During the practice if you face any problem, our team will assist you. Medicines and other requirements will be fulfilled on a reasonable price for you.

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