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The mainstay of training in Ayurveda is the Ayurveda Naturopathy Career. The courses described in Ayurveda Program Courses for Professionals are different themes within a single curriculum aimed for training the Ayurveda Naturopath.

The students will go through different teachers, from India and Latin America , and experiences then they will move to other level. This is what we do so we will be able to lead a particular Ayurveda Program for students as well as for professionals.

Ayurveda courses will be given so bimodal, hand-face and by the Internet. The face part will be dictated by Spanish-speaking professionals with Ayurveda Diplomate, during the last part of the lecture period. The part to be performed by Internet includes e-Learning classes and close monitoring of Ayurveda Tutors from India , selected from those endowed with the true virtue of the healer (Charaka Samhita Chapter11 Sutra sthana/verses 50).  They are the best and these are told- “those, who are accomplished in application, utilizing theory, knowledge of allied sciences and success of treatment are the true healers".

The students will be oriented according to the specialty they want to work in their future, utilizing Tutor’s work experience presented in AyurvedaTutor, translated in AyurvedaTutor and discussed in Spanish in AyurvedaTutor. 

There is a reference of Charaka Samhita- There are six different steps for a Vaidya, when one covers all the six steps only then he becomes a complete Vaidya - Vidya (knowledge), Vitaraka (logic), Vijyanan (scientific exploration), Smruti (recollection of knowledge), Tatparta (promptness), Kriya (action), these are six.

Complete knowledge is possible with a complete faculty only. Every student will be referred to a complete team of Ayurvedic Teachers. No single person can deliver the complete knowledge to the students.

We will give a team to a student, so that an outgoing student from our education center will be a complete person, because when there are several teachers feeding a single student is the best idea For a complete harmonious structure we should maintain some norms at our place and these norms should be obeyed by all in a proper way.

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