Responsability Declaration

  1.      AyurvedaHoy Forum is a network that seeks to share information and concerns relating to welfare and health promotion from the perspective of the ancient Ayurvedic tradition and its related branches. 

  2.      The forum discussed and reproduced articles and news highlights Ayurvedic contributed by Members of the Study Group Ayurveda Today (GEATD) in order to keep up their professional, technical and interested members on issues of health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases that are generated in different media.

  3.      The purpose of our forum is to address health issues, nutrition, dietetics, medicine, geriatrics, aesthetic medicine, anti-aging medicine, psychology, psychiatry, epidemiology, prevention, etc., that have any direct or indirect relationship with the vision of Ayurveda. 

  4.      Neither our forum, or the director, nor its moderator nor GEATD, are responsible for the accuracy of the information or statements to the material distributed. The responsibility lies solely with the author or the primary source. 

  5.      Warning: The purpose of the information distributed is not a substitute for advice from a physician or other health professionals. If any readers have any illness or health problem, we caution that you should consult his/her doctor and not to take the information published here as a recommendation to replace medical advice. In any case intended to replace, supplant or prevent the doctor's council. It is recommended that anyone with health problems go to his/her health or health service it deserves and is carried out medical examinations and assessments. 

  6.      It also clarified that under no circumstances do we pretend that the author, or reproduced information here, directly or indirectly support any treatment.

  7.      AyurvedaHoy Network, associated with Ayurveda Program-Today (PATD), accepts no responsibility for the content of messages sent to his list. Each news is responsibility of the author, is only the opinion of the author and not necessarily the views of members of GEATD. 

  8.      Finally, it is requested to Members of GEATD, not to submit copyrighted material or copyrights without permission of the author or copyright owner of such material.