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Ayurveda Clinic

The Program Unit-Today Ayurveda is designed to deliver health services and to be a place of practicing with an Internship Program for the students of Ayurveda. The services are:

  1. Ayurveda Consultations: Consultation with defined timings to give personal consultation to patients/clients to handle the acute and chronic both kind of diseases.

In start we will have a single clinic which we will change into a poly clinic- first of its kind- Multi Specialty Clinic/Hospital.

We ensure that beside good physicians from India, we will recruit our own students and will make then efficient to handle the clinic.

This will authorize our Internship programs and will also bring faith and confidence in our students.

Beside these consultation activities we will go for Data Management also which will give us strong enough ground to work in tune with modern day sciences as well.

  1. Diet and Lifestyle Consultations: This part of the clinic will be for healthy persons, guiding healthy persons to maintain their health in complete.

Incorporating modern day nutritionists and dietitian this Unit will give short term courses to ensure Ayurvedic Methodologies will be applied in our center. This Clinic will maintain online assistance for clients also.

  1. Panchakarma Unit: This unit will manage all the Panchakarma Procedures from the day first and will be governed by the same team doing the Ayurveda Consultations.
  1. Yoga Classes: Along with curative use of Yoga therapies, we will bring Yoga Classes also for the students and these will be guided according to their bio-configuration (Prakruti) through thr Personalized Yoga Program. For details please look at the Personalize Ayurveda a famous program among our visitors of http://www.ayurvedicdietsolutions.com.
  1. Corporate Health Programs: Corporate industry is a great part to manage our resources in India . In this program in Chile , we will give complete health packages to our corporate clients. Here the whole firm will be incorporated in our programs. People working in corporate industries are suffering more from diseases of improper diet and lifestyle. In this program we will ensure the better out put by workers of a corporate firm. Everyone wants the healthy workers at work place and if we ensure this we will lead the market in short span.