Dr. Pardeep Sharma

Academic Director

An Ayurveda Physician from India, practicing Ayurveda scince 7 years, Dr. Pardeep has done Post Graduation from most renkowned institute of Ayurveda in India- National Institute of Ayurveda. His specailization is Diet and lifestyle management. M.D. of http://www.ayurvedicdietsolutions.com and a renowned physician from Jaipur, India

Born and brought up in a spiritualistic Indian Family. Eldest son of family, my father is a Lecturer of English in Rajasthan State Education Board and my mother a house maker and a real knowledgeable lady about home remedies. Ayurveda runs in blood, it is being inherited in families and I got a chance to inherit this knowledge to me. It is just common in our families of India that we give Haritaki to a child, when a baby is just 3 months old. After 19 years of noticing this when I learnt Ayurveda and found that Haritaki is called as Mother (A synonym of Haritaki), I really appreciate the knowledge what my mother inherited from my maternal grandma. My father helped me to learn more and more about western knowledge as he is a teacher of English since last 35 years. 

My Grand Parents and ancestors were well known farmers as well as spiritual workers, so my brought up was done in a very spiritual manner and these inherited traits help me till date to understand Ayurveda properly.

In India , Brahmins were the Vaidyas; they used to treat the patient without any monetary interests. All these Brahmins are next generation of Great Monks of India. Aatreya was one of these Monks and this is by chance I took birth in the same family of Aatreya with a family name Aatreya! The same Aatreya who preached Ayurveda first of all to his pupils, his lectures are known as Charaka Samhita. These are few factors perhaps (If I find genetics a prefect calculation than it is true) which drove me crazy about Ayurveda.

During graduation I found some best teachers of Ayurveda who told me how to read Ayurveda and blessed me by their teachings.

Today I have a complete Ayurveda family. My wife, my better half is doing Post Graduation from National Institute of Ayurveda and my maternal cousin Dr. Ravinder Sharma, has done his Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery. So everything is Ayurvedic here in my family and I am proud of this.


  • BAMS: I passed my BAMS from one of the premier institute of Ayurveda in India Shri Dhanvantri Ayurveda College , Chandigarh ” which is also a research and clinical trial hub for Biggest Ayurveda Pharmacy of world “Dabur India Ltd.”. This helped me to learn more about Ayurvedic Research and provided me a great exposure to Ayurveda.
  • MD: I did my post graduation from the most renowned institute of Ayurveda all over the world “National Institute of Ayurveda ”, Jaipur.


  • Worked as a resident doctor in both out door and in door, for one year just after my degree program during internship.
  • Have worked as a Chief Ayurveda Physician for one year at Chandigarh Center of Genetics and Food Disorders of International Health Society registered at Hawaii, USA.
  • Teaching Experience: During my post graduation I got great opportunity of teaching Ayurveda to BAMS students in National Institute of Ayurveda.
  • Clinical experience: During the same course of Post Graduation I handled OPD (Outsource Product Development) as well as IPDs.
  • Presently working with Saint Sahara College of Ayurveda, Bhatinda as a visiting faculty of Graduation Program of Ayurveda.
  • Working as a Physician at self owned Clinic and Panchakarma Center- Sukhayu, since last three years at Jaipur.
  • Holding a position of proprietor of Atharv Ayur Health Care with a team of ten plus Ayurveda doctors.
  • Working as a full time Ayurveda Physician for www.atharvayurveda.com and www.ayurvedicdietsolutions.com , where I got a pretty good exposure to International as well as national patients.


  • I am passionate about Ayurveda and can explain Ayurveda concepts in an easy to understand language.
  • A good speaker with analytical approach.
  • Treatment of different disorders by using only herbs and herbal formulations.
  • A firm believer of ancient Indian sciences and capable to use these in today’s context.
  • To work and to develop newer ideas.
  • Can work in any environment, I just need work with some aim.
  • I believe- there is always only one reason to do a work and hundreds of excuses to not to do a work; and I believe in finding good reasons.


  • Awarded twice in successive years for Academic Excellence by College, during my graduation.
  • Got scholarship from Aimil Pharmaceuticals, for best academic record.
  • Awarded by Dabur India Ltd. for best performance in academics during graduation with a year long scholarship.
  • Awarded by Charak Pharmaceuticals during Post Graduation study program.
  • These all awards are useless when I see my treated patients and their blessings are best Awards, I ever got.