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About us

Dr. Miguel Córdova. Ph.D., University of Chile

As a Graduate in Chemistry, worked for 19 years in the nuclear area, obtaining his PhD at the University of Chile with results in separation of lithium-6 isotopes. Then devoted to various tpics on economic develpment, as active knowledge worker reflected in the Internet. Among others, the areas include R&D, native peoples and Vedic wisdom. Chile.  

Work Team

Ayurveda-Today Program has experts at Santiago of Chile in a well organized interdisciplinary team of professionals from Ayurveda, Architecture, Marketing and Hospitality Management to multiply the number and quality of Ayurvedic stations, for Chile and Latin America .

To incorporate such ideas and execute integrally the Business Plan, the work team in Chile has the mission to produce claims for Ayurvedic Station, medicines, physicians and knowledge to operate it, motivating a synergic action between investors. 

See Responsability Delaration, GEATD.
Dr. Miguel Córdova, PhD, Ayurvedic Chemist. General Director
Dr. Pardeep Sharma, BAMS, MD Ayurveda (India). Academic Director
Dr. Anurag Dikshit, BAMS, MD Ayurveda ( India), Research Director
Injeet Singh, Body Therapist